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To celebrate the end of How I met your mother, a little blue french horn pendant.

A small but solid Spartan helmet with a hole 5 mm in diameter perfect for a keyring (ring not included). Has been made with a thickness of at least 3 mm and would therefor also be suitable in steel finishes.

We can't guarantee you'll be flying over the city, but at least your pants will stay up. (Leather belt not included. Any snap belt can be attached to the 1.5" lug)


In April 2012 Chris Chappell and Easton LaChappelle ran a Kickstarter Campaign to fund a 3d printed Robotic Hand. These are the 3D printed parts of the hand. It has 5 actuated degrees of freedom, and one manual degree of freedom in the thumb.

Replacement stainless-steel upgrade / repair latch part for the Panasonic SD257 seed / nut dispenser (see pictures which show dispenser and old and new part views). 

UtorCase turns your NVIDIA SHIELD controller and your NVIDIA Shield Tablet into a handheld game console by mounting the phone on the controller. (Also compatible with the new K1 tablet!) Please watch the video at the bottom of this page on how to mount and unmount UtorCase on the controller.

wasp case for the Micro Drone 2.0. This is a clip-on case for the beloved Micro Drone by "Extreme Flyers". The first video shows Vernon Kerswell, CEO of "Extreme Flyers" flying the Micro Drone with the wasp case at 3D printshow London. There is also a video shows the mounting of the wasp to the Micro Drone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIUUXpXaFiM

WEB BANGLEin White Strong & Flexible

These Gator cufflinks are custom designed by University of Florida graduate and architect Cuyler Hendricks. Using an authentic CT scan of an alligator skull, Cuyler methodically 3D adapted each scan using Rhino technology to print the first line in his Gator Skull collection. Cufflinks are available in Brass, Bronze, Silver and Gold (shown here in Brass).

These elegant earrings display bees climbing on a spiral honeycomb.  Sure to be loved by anyone who wants to support bee awareness in a time when their population is in decline. 

The Flora Collar is the centerpiece of the collection. Its complex form emerges as the result of a bespoke algorithm that creates multiple scales of structure, from large undulations down to micro ruffles. The result is a bold yet intricate floral effect, rendered in 3D-printed nylon.